The European Litter Prevention Association

ELPA Board - Reelections 2019 & 2020

10 June 2020
11 March 2019 – the ELPA General Assembly reconfirmed the ELPA board for the period of 2019-2020.

Lise Gulbransen, ELPA President, CEO Hold Norge Rent

13 May 2020 – The ELPA board composed of Lise Gulbransen, Jean-François Molle, Steven Boussemaere, and Johanna Ragnartz agreed to stand again for 2020/2021 and were confirmed unanimously at the ELPA Annual General Assembly.

29 May 2020 – Subsequently, the board confirmed for another term Lise Gulbransen (Hold Norge Rent) as chairman and president of the ELPA/Clean Europe Network, Jean-François Molle (Gestes Propres) as vice-president and Steven Boussemaere (Mooimakers-FOSTPlus) in his position as treasurer of the association. Johanna Ragnartz (Håll Sverige Rent) was confirmed in her position as board member.