The European Litter Prevention Association

Dedicating Resources to Behaviour Change Letter to Anna Bobo Remjin EU DG Environment

11 June 2020
5 March 2020 –ELPA president Lise Gulbransen addressed a letter to Anna Bobo Remjin, Policy Officer for Waste & Secondary Materials at the EU Commission's Directorat General for Environment and presiding over the ongoing EU SUP stakeholder meetings.

The letter expressed the general concern of Network members that awareness-raising campaigns, as set out in the “Single-Use” Plastic Directive, are adequately resourced and properly coordinated for maximum effectiveness. It pointed out that awareness-raising for the sake of awareness-raising is of no interest unless it is aimed at (and, hopefully, achieves) behaviour change.

Network members are, of course aware, that information, education and awareness-raising alone cannot solve the whole litter problem. An integrated approach is needed so that communication campaigns complement programmes for infrastructure investment, environmental cleansing, product and service design, and deterrents and sanctions.

To access the complete letter to Anna Bobo Remjin click here.