The European Litter Prevention Association

Call to Action - Letter to DG Daniel Calleja y Crespo

10 June 2020
19 July 2019 - The President of the ELPA/Clean Europe Network, Lise Gulbransen, addressed a letter including a press statement to the Director General for the Environment at the European Commission, Daniel Calleja y Crespo. The letter expresses the concern that all the media and political attention to the “SUP” Directive has overshadowed the potentially more important long-term framework for litter and the prevention of littering established in the revised Waste Directive.

The Clean Europe Network was delighted that in May 2018 the European Union adopted Directive (EU) 2018/851 amending Directive 2008/98/EC on Waste. This established for the first time a balanced and coherent EU policy on litter and the prevention of littering.

As proposed by the Commission, the 2018 EU litter policy is based on the principle of shared responsibility, with all segments of society required to play their part. The Network's
experience is that this approach is essential to success. In particular, that such shared responsibility included an explicit and binding obligation on producers.

Subsequently, the “Single Use Plastics” Directive made a major contribution with valuable measures introduced as of 2021. However, members of the Network fear that the directive does not constitute a comprehensive policy on litter and the prevention of littering.

To access the complete letter and press statement click here.