The European Litter Prevention Association

Vacances Propres takes more explicit approach

22 September 2015

Awareness campaigns by Vacances Propres used to focus on how nice it would be if we all made an effort to keep our environments clean. After exchanging views and learning about the approaches taken in other countries by Clean Europe Network member organisations and a strategic reflection conducted with its members and its communication agency, Vacances Propres decided to take a more provocative approach to raise awareness about the litter challenge. Their campaign’s message is: “You can leave a better legacy on earth than this”.

No more Mr Nice Guy

To have an impact, an awareness-raising campaign needs to be hard-hitting and to-the-point. Litter and littering is the consequence of improper social behaviour and this is what Vacances Propres’ new approach was designed to highlight: our actions have consequences... think about what you do!

How far is too far?

Despite the change in tone, Vacances Propres’ new approach is still very politically correct. Vacances Propres actually commissioned more controversial ads that never saw the light of day. Should they have? Could their message have had even more impact?

Initial results

Shortly after the campaign was first released (Summer 2015), a study found it had the following impact: 21% of people had seen it (mostly in the underground or on buses); 60% of those that hadn't seen it would like to see it released everywhere; 80% of respondents said that they “really liked the campaign and wanted it to have a broader release”; 90% said it attracted their attention immediately; 94% said it was a clear call for action; 93.5% found the campaign was explicit; 92% found the campaign was rightly adapted; 88% found the campaign was educational. Ultimately, 95% understood the message that we should take greater care to dispose of our waste properly outside of our homes.