The European Litter Prevention Association

Universal litter mapping: what is in it for you?

15 June 2017

Piloted in 10 countries on 53 sites in 2016, the common European measurement and monitoring methodology developed by Clean Europe Network members will soon become a daily management tool for municipalities to be able to prioritise their litter prevention efforts in a more systematic way, based on factual measurements of the incidence of litter in their area.

Fast forward to next year… Imagine you had all the facts about litter in your town, city or municipality. What would you want to know first? How would you want to use the data? Is it more important to know what kind of littering occurs or where it occurs? Want to know it all or better to have snapshots of the situation? Want to find out about the worst offenders? Send us your feedback by email or via this simple Google form.

The development of the litter measurement methodology has already been a strongly collaborative effort so far and we now would like to include additional input from as many potential users – as many of you – as possible to guarantee that this new tool can become as useful as it should be.

Members have been working together since 2014 to assemble their experiences and develop a common European litter measurement & monitoring methodology, paving the way for comprehensive and comparable litter data on a European level. Now that the methodology exists, the Clean Europe Network is working to deliver it in the most convenient form for as many to use. Ultimately, it will be a downloadable mobile App.