The European Litter Prevention Association

Need an economic booster? Try cleanliness

27 November 2015

For many, litter is just a negative externality, an unwelcome fact of life. But it doesn't have to be. Litter, or the lack thereof, is a business opportunity. Over the years several studies have found a strong correlation between the presence of litter and negative behaviour from citizens, or consumers in the case of businesses. Litter elicits disgust and turns people away - worse still, it could provoke unethical behaviour, such as stealing, damaging property or even physical violence. Conversely, consumers feel safer in clean environments and are thus more likely to take out their wallets and spend than in a littered environment.

Several businesses understand the value of litter free environments and have been working for many years with litter prevention organisations in order to keep their surroundings clean - and their customers coming. Many of these work with Clean Europe Network members to develop custom-made litter prevention solutions, as well awareness raising action on the ground.

For more information about the different ways litter prevention organisations work with businesses to keep environments clean, have a look at the best-practice guide produced by the Clean Europe Network in 2014.