The European Litter Prevention Association

Meet our experts: Martin Brocklehurst

12 September 2016

Martin Brocklehurst is an independent environmental consultant that has been helping the Clean Europe Network ever since it was launched in 2013. He regularly advises clients on projects bids mostly aimed at testing new ideas in waste and resource management, citizen science and ecosystem services. “Working with the Clean Europe Network, a group of NGOs that engage with citizens to change their behaviour and prevent the generation of litter, was a natural fit”, says Martin.

Martin Brocklehurst is currently an independent observer for the Network’s development of a universal litter measurement method. “With a single pragmatic method to measure litter we will be able to compare litter levels across Europe for the first time”, says Martin. “This in turn will allow for more targeted approaches to litter prevention. More resources can then be used to step up litter prevention efforts where litter hot spots that have been identified. Clean cities will have new opportunities to boost their image and the confidence of their citizens.”

The objective is to have a fully tested methodology and handbook ready for use by the end of the year. “Now in the second phase of testing, we find that the method works really well”, says Martin. “People have no trouble grading an environment based on different litter levels. They can easily tell the difference between big items of litter and smaller items, or between litter that is accumulating or incidental levels of litter. We only have a little more work left to do to make sure we agree on the different types of environments we are looking at so that the method can work for anyone across Europe.”

Martin’s academic background in Geography in nature conservation provided him with valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of ecology and geology. Martin spent over a decade at the UK’s Environment Agency where he advised the senior management and board on improving and delivering environmental regulation and waste strategy, as well as providing environmental guidance to SMEs and joint ventures to test new ideas in waste and resource management.