The European Litter Prevention Association

Litter is in the middle of the EU Circular Economy

2 December 2015

On Wednesday 2 December 2015 the European Commission released an ambitious set of measures to accelerate our transition to a Circular Economy. We are happy to see that the EU recognises the litter challenge and that, among others, the new set of proposals introduces several EU-wide litter prevention measures.

Littering has direct detrimental impacts on the environment and the wellbeing of citizens, and high clean-up costs are an unnecessary economic burden for society. The introduction of specific measures in waste management plans and proper enforcement by competent authorities should help eradicate this problem. Member States shall ensure that their competent authorities establish ... one or more waste management plans. The waste management plans shall contain, as appropriate and taking into account the geographical level and coverage of the planning area, at least the following: ... measures to combat all forms of littering and to clean up all types of litter.

You can find the relevant legislative documents released by the European Commission below.