The European Litter Prevention Association

Friends with benefits

8 December 2015

Are you a public or private body directly involved in litter prevention/management with an interest in promoting improvement in litter prevention? Do you identify as a city or municipal authority, or as an authority that is responsible for litter prevention or management, such as highways authorities, port authorities or water conservancies; are you part of community groups and clubs, civic or environmental NGOs, business associations or companies involved in litter prevention, educational establishments or are you simply out there fighting litter by yourself? You can join us ...

The benefits of being a "Friend of the Clean Europe Network"

  • an electronic newsletter six times per year (‘Litter Talk’)
  • access to leading litter prevention organisations and direct engagement with national member for your country
  • possibility to be added to the electronic circulation list of one or more ELPA members for up-to-date news on local activities
  • access to latest policy information on litter
  • the opportunity to attend specially organised Network events
  • special arrangements for the Stop Litter Now! Summit, including early access and discounted subscription rates

Please contact the Clean Europe Network Secretariat to find out more about becoming a Friend of the Clean Europe Network.