The European Litter Prevention Association

Brands help nudge consumers to do the right thing

27 November 2017

“New look. The Jupiler you know.” reads a modern-looking advert for one of Belgium’s most popular beers. Then comes the follow-up ad: “Empty can. In the bin, of course.” Mooimakers, the Belgian litter prevention organisation, has re-launched its successful nudging campaign in partnership with drinks brands to encourage consumers to dispose of their cans properly once they are done with them.

(1) “Look away to skip this ad!” (2) “Never skip the bin!”

Brands can do a lot to help with litter prevention by leveraging existing advertising and communication efforts. With their communication expertise and the power of their brands, the impact of the litter prevention message on consumers is all the stronger.

(1) “0% [Alcohol]” (2) “In the bin: 100% properly disposed of.”

Consumers are increasingly looking to brands to show leadership and promote sustainability. Sending out the right message is part of that. Earlier this year, Mooimakers ran a similar campaign to prevent litter on the beaches in collaboration with Coca-Cola, Lipton Ice Tea and Spadel, the bottled water group.