The European Litter Prevention Association

A small deed for a big result

5 April 2016

Indevuildback launched this year's spring cleanup with a special 3D street painting to encourage people to value and care for their environments by emphasising how easy it is to do the right thing. The street painting is a humourous way to remind people that putting their litter in the bin is not a mission impossible.

Each year Flanders is littered with around 17,400 tonnes of litter. Indevuilbak mobilises thousands of volunteers to keep their neighbourhoods clean. The "small deeds, big results" campaign aims to raise awareness and engage as many people as possible in the fight against litter and littering - every action, however small, has an impact and matters, even if it seems as small as disposing of waste properly. If everyone does the right thing, local authorities and municipalities could dedicate their resources to other matters besides litter.