The European Litter Prevention Association

Do you have links to the packaging sector?

Yes. A minority of our members (4 or 5) are funded all or in part by the producers and users of packaging. This is producer responsibility for litter in action. All members have the same objective – a cleaner Europe and less waste!

The European food and beverage service and convenience packaging association, Pack2Go Europe, took the bold decision to bring us together for the first time in 2012 because it realised that progress on litter prevention could be helped significantly by bringing the experts together at European level. Unfortunately consumers do drop service packs as litter, so Pack2Go Europe realised that they had to do something constructive to address this challenge as more and more people live their lives on-the-go.

It was a useful initiative because we had never met before. We all agreed to set up an association and six months later it was done. Now we are a team! It was also a brave initiative by Pack2Go Europe because it risked criticism from those in industry reluctant to recognise a share of responsibility and from those in the NGO world who don’t think it is intelligent and effective to have all the stakeholders working together for the same objective.

Pack2Go Europe has no part in our decision-making.