The European Litter Prevention Association

The stars align for a clean Europe

7 April 2016

On 19 and 20 April, Europe's foremost litter prevention experts will gather in Brussels to address the long-term challenge of keeping our environments clean. “A shared responsibility” - the theme of the second edition of the Stop Litter Now Summit - emphasises the need for solutions that allow each and everyone of us to play our part.

Littering is a particularly challenging behavioural issue because of its perceived insignificance on an individual level. But the collective impact of litter and littering on our environments, on our economies and on our well-being is huge. The 2-day conference will look at many local, national and European-wide solutions proposed by European behavioural experts, entrepreneurs, innovators, local authorities, governments, non-governmental organisations, policy-makers, scientists and litter-prevention enthusiasts from all stripes to work together to raise awareness and encourage responsible behaviour.

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