The European Litter Prevention Association

We are the Clean Europe Network

The Clean Europe Network (the Network) is a pan-European platform where organizations active in the field of litter prevention share experience, expertise, best practice and research with a view to improving litter prevention across the EU. It aims to develop common programmes/methodologies in areas where there is added-value in a European approach.

Work covers communications to stakeholder audiences (especially to citizens) to promote litter prevention; measurement and assessment of litter and littering; and, practical improvement of litter management. The Network aims to support existing and new litter prevention groups, and to interact effectively with appropriate national and local authorities and other stakeholders to improve litter prevention techniques across the EU.

The Network’s work programme is directly relevant to many priority objectives under the EU’s 7th Environmental Action Programme (7EAP); to furtherance of EU Waste policy; and to the EU's overarching programme to become a Resource Efficient Europe.

The Clean Europe Network has the strong backing of the European Commission and is financially supported by the Commission's environmental programme, Life Plus. The then EU Environment Commissioner (Janez Potočnik) was present at the Network’s launch in March 2013, expressing his support for our ambitions.