The European Litter Prevention Association

Vision, mission and objectives


A litter free Europe by 2030


To work towards a litter free Europe by:

  • Changing behaviour and reducing litter at all levels within Europe;
  • Stimulating greater litter prevention activity - focusing particularly on younger generations; and,
  • Encouraging the application of greater resources to this end in EU member states and across wider Europe


In order to advance this mission, we focus on the following objectives and activities:

  • Enhance the effectiveness of litter prevention structures/initiatives around Europe by sharing know-how and pooling expertise, drawing on experience of national organisations;
  • Where appropriate and where it adds value, formulate common European approaches to tackling litter and litter-related challenges, for example in education;
  • Provide a forum for public discussion of the litter challenge, notably for businesses, decision-makers and other stakeholders;
  • Make available balanced factual information to policy-makers about litter prevention;
  • Provide technical assistance to newcomers to the litter prevention field; and
  • Provide businesses with opportunities to collaborate with or support the Network.